Rosh Hashana 2018
Beit Bussel: A Medical Education Center in the Making

As the number of students and courses offered at the Zefat Academic College grows, the need for more space is paramount. With help from some of our generous donors including the Legacy Heritage fund, JNF, The Rashi Foundation and UJIA-UK, The College has acquired the historic Beit Bussel area and building is now underway to create a new complex on the main campus, with building planned to be completed in 2020.

The Beit Bussel Academic Complex, including its historic buildings, will be the heart of Campus activities and will comprise of six buildings on five acres. The architecture of the old historic buildings will be preserved, while their interior will be modified to serve the College's academic purposes. The plan includes sensitive attention to the Galilee landscape and the unique character of the campus in its historical context.

The next stage in the development will be to design, construct, renovate, refurbish and equip the northern slopes of Beit Bussel.

In recognition of this historic gift, the Garden of Eden and the Promenade will be named in honor of the donor. A large plaque bearing the donor's name will be prominently displayed at the Garden's entrance, and the Garden will be referred to by name in the College’s publications and other written materials and signage.

This innovative project is an essential component of the College’s long-term development plan, and an essential part of the College's impact on the region. The donor's contribution will be appropriately recognized and positioned to receive maximum attention.